We love festivals, who doesn’t? However, we know that the trials of camping at festivals aren’t for everyone. Having to brace yourself for a weekend of wet wipe showers, dry shampoo hair washes and using your phone to put on your makeup is not for the fainthearted. You can’t be dealing with that, right? Well this year you won’t have to!

Included in all our pre pitched camping packages is access to our campsites own dedicated showers & toilets and the cherry on top is exclusive access to our Pitched Perfect Pamper Parlour complete with hairdressers for you to get your glam on!

Don’t forget if you don’t feel like dragging down shampoo and towels, don’t worry, you can buy them on site from our Pamper the Camper store.

The Pitched Perfect Pamper Parlour will be at these events:
See you in 2021
13th - 15th August
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See you in 2021
See you in 2021
Sept 10th - 12th 2021