Beyond The Pale 2-6 Person standard bell tent

Embrace the extraordinary and treat yourself to a stay in our enchanting bell tents, thoughtfully designed for 2 or 6 people. Each spacious 5-meter bell tent beckons with the promise of cozy beds and curated accessories, ensuring your stay becomes the highlight of the summer. Set within our exclusive boutique campsite, your comfort is our priority. Immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere without compromising on convenience – dedicated showers, toilets, and 24-hour security are seamlessly integrated into the experience.


Please note, in the spirit of personalization, we leave the choice of bedding to you. We do not supply bed linen, allowing you the freedom to bring your own duvets, blankets, or sleeping bags. It’s an opportunity to infuse your stay with the comforts that resonate most with your unique preferences. Imagine the pleasure of customizing your bell tent with the bedding that feels just right for you. It’s not just a stay; it’s an invitation to make your temporary home reflect your personal style and preferences.


Are you ready to curate your own festival retreat? Book your stay in one of our beautiful bell tents and let the summer unfold in an atmosphere of comfort and self-expression.

Package Includes:

  • Dedicated facilities & 24hr security
  • Chill out area and phone charging
  • Exclusive access to our Pamper Parlour
  • Choice of air beds
  • Sleeping bags and pillows are not included.

Airbed Options: * 


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