Pamper Parlour

We all share a love for festivals, but let’s face it, the challenges of camping at these events aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Preparing for a weekend filled with wet wipe showers, dry shampoo hair washes, and using your phone as a makeup mirror can be quite daunting. It’s not an ideal situation, is it? Well, this year, you won’t have to endure all that!


Included in all of our pre-pitched camping packages is special access to our campsite’s dedicated amenities. This includes clean and convenient showers, well-maintained toilets, and a handy phone charging station. And the best part? We’ve saved the cherry on top for you – exclusive access to our Pamper Parlour, complete with mirrors and comfortable seating, providing you with the perfect spot to get your festival glam on.


Say goodbye to festival beauty woes and hello to a pampered and hassle-free festival experience